Welcome to the AirCrew Association Cyprus

Updated: Wednesday 10 August 2022

New Notices:

AGM Minutes have been distributed to all members.  A copy is also contained in the website under Chairman’s Notices.

The Latest 2022 Annual Events programme may be found under Members’ pages

Next event: 

Wednesday 7th September 22, Skylight Restaurant, Pano Platres  This event will be organised by James Heath and the Committee


Special Note:  The AGM will be held on Tuesday  8th November, NOT Thursday 10th November  – due to availability of the Officers’ Mess Episkopi.

Get More Involved:

Please consider getting involved, whatever category of membership you are.  The committee will support you all the way.  Also remember you are most welcome to invite private guests who do not necessarily have to be connected with our Association.  Generally, the more the merrier.  Please, however, ensure that your guests have settled their account BEFORE you leave each function.  Many thanks.



The AirCrew Association Cyprus (ACA Cyprus) is affiliated to the AirCrew Association Archive Trust (a UK charity). The main website is at http://www.aircrew.org.uk/a3t.html

Membership qualification is defined within the Constitution of the ACA Cyprus (on the menu)

”The AirCrew Association Cyprus exists to foster comradeship amongst those who, having been awarded an official flying badge, have qualified to operate military aircraft and are serving, or have served, as military aircrew in the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom or of any nation friendly to the UK.”

Associate Membership  – Individuals who do not meet the criteria for Full Membership may become Associate Members under the rules of the Constitution subject to being sponsored and supported by four Full Members, approved by the Committee and receiving no objections from the Full Membership.

Branch Founders c.1991

The Cyprus Branch of the AirCrew Association came into existence in 1989 with six members. At the end of 2011, the overarching UK organisation was disbanded and the ACA Cyprus was formed on 1st January 2012. In January 2015, the Association had 65 Members. from all flying services  residing in all parts of the island. Currently (Aug 2022), Full membership stands at 22, supported by 9 Associate and 10 Honorary members.

During the year, the ACA Cyprus organises monthly lunches which are held at various venues to suit the widely spread membership. Additionally, special events, such as interest visits, car treasure hunts, and a pre-Christmas function are regular events.

Information regarding future Association events is available to members on the Members pages.

Committee.      The Committee until the AGM on 8th November 2022 is:

Hon Chairman              Rick Willey

Hon Secretary              Tony Davenport

Hon Treasurer               Terry Mitchell (wef 10 Aug 22)

It is hoped this site will provide a point of contact for our own members and for members of ACA Associations worldwide who might have an interest in the Cyprus Branch. Visitors from other ACA Associations are always welcome at Cyprus Association events. Contact us for details.